Please notice, that microwave links we produce are dedicated only for Polish market.

For 15 years Mavi were producing microwave links for Polish Radiostations. Our devices were manufactured according to our Clients individual needs.

During design phase, we've assumed:

  1. The frequency of a microwave link shall not be susceptible to noises
  2. Stability of frequency, high transmission power and reliable operation
  3. Application versatility
  4. Elements and technical solutions used while product design and manufacture shall be tested and popular, what makes our product competitively priced

The first result of our work was Microwave link AVL150. On 30 April 1998 we've got homologation No286/98 from Minister for Communications. This microwave link ebales transmission of one vision and audio stereo channel for 50km. The frequency range of our device is 10.500 - 10.699GHz. High transmission power enables stable operation in maximal ranges (40 - 50km) while using parabolic antennas of 0.65m diameter.


Microwave link AVL 105D (the set includes transmitter, receiver, 2 offset antennas, conneting cables)
Microwave link AVL 105V (the set includes transmitter, receiver, 2 offset antenna, fidder, connecting cables)
Antenna MABO 65 (standard offset antenna)
SAMSUNG receiving converter

If you are interested in buying one of our microwave links, please let us know via email.

Contact us: sp7ogn@mavi.net.pl

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